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Special Motors


  Torque Motors
  Type 'MT' .Offered in various types of mounting

BBL manufactures TEFC three phase Torque motors with Type 'MT'. These motors are similar to standard induction motors but with a modified high resistance rotor design.

The starting torque of these motors is maximum and it has almost linear torque speed characteristics with zero torque at synchronous speed.

These motors are used in special applications like Roller Table motors, High speed tapping machines, clamping devices etc. These motors can be offered in various types of mounting.


  Low Vibration Motors
  Precision class C ( 0.28 mm/sec) or ( 5 microns peak to peak).

BBL manufactures Low vibration motors for the machine tool industry. These motors are offered with vibration level up to Precision class C ( 0.28 mm/sec) or ( 5 microns peak to peak).


 Loco Auxiliary Motors & Blowers
For the Locomotives of the Indian railways

BBL manufactures special Auxiliary motors and blowers for the Locomotives of the Indian railways. The motors are suitable for operation on a supply with 5% Unbalance in the three phases and with voltage variation from 290 V to 500 V.

BBL supplies motors for the following equipment used on the loco

1. Compressor ( 1000 LPM as well as 2000 LPM) 
2. Traction Motor cooling blower 
3. Transformer Oil cooling blower 
4. Exhauster 

BBL also supplies the complete blower for the Traction motor cooling as well as the Transformer Oil cooling application for both the conventional as well as the latest Three Phase locos.


 Shock Grade Motors
For the Indian Navy as per the Naval
Specification EED-Q-071

BBL manufactures special Shock Grade motors for the Indian Navy as per the Naval Specification EED-Q-071. These motors are designed to withstand shock levels up to 320G in all three axis.


 Multispeed Motors
 Two or three distinct operational speeds by pole changing

BBL manufactures multi speed motors for two or three distinct operational speeds by pole changing. These motors have a single winding for speed ratios of 1:2, for example: 1500 / 3000 rpm. 

Two separate windings are used for higher speed ratios.Pole Amplitude Modulated windings can be given for 4 /6 pole motors. These are in smaller frame sizes as compared to two separate windings.


 Sugar Centrifuge Motors
 Used for Batch Type sugar centrifuges
These motors are used for Batch Type sugar centrifuges. These are 3 or 4 speed pole changing motors suitable for speed variation by varying the supply voltage and are used in closed loop control. A special rotor design makes the motor suitable for stable running at even 80% slip. 

Motors are available for 750, 1000 and 1250 kg. baskets.

 Cane Unloader Motors
 TEFC motors designed with forced cooling
These TEFC motors are designed with forced cooling and are suitable for start up to 900 per hour. Built in thermal protection is provided. These are mainly used in cranes used as sugar cane unloaders. These are available in outputs from 11 kW to 37 kW 6 pole. For more details / information please contact at our nearest office.
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