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Lawkin Electric Motors

  Hermetic Compressor Motors
  HVAC Motors
  Motors conforming to NEMA 42 and 48 frames especially designed for HVAC & Windows/Split room air-conditioners, condenser coolers and allied applications.
Motors are thermally protected with UL recognized overload protectors.
Optimized designs give low temperature rise, quiet operation and energy efficiency, hence saving power.
Expert backup provided for motor selection and qualification for specific application.
Motors can be specially designed to meet electrical and mechanical performance criteria.
Totally enclosed or open design as per customer requirement.
Die Cast precision-machined aluminum end shield for accurate alignment of shafts and bearings.
Powder-coated shells for good corrosion resistance.
Motors either with resilient base or with vibration isolation rubber rings as per customer requirements.
Manufactured in state-of-the-art machines to have consistency.
Permanent lubrication for service life of 50000hrs of continuous operation.
Use of Slingers to avoid loss of lubrication oil. Motors are suitable for extreme operating conditions of low temperature, high humidity, dusty atmosphere & high ambient temperatures.
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