Lawkin Electric Motors

Metric Motors

Metric Motors

Lawkim has now developed 3 Phase AC Induction motors as per IS 325 to cater to the needs of the Indian market. Lawkim believes, not only in customer satisfaction but strives to delight the customer as well.

Salient Features
❖ Lawkim is the manufacturer of a wide range of standard & special motors of Industrial purpose. Frame size 71 to 180 in 4 pole design.
❖ Design ambient 45°C
❖ Suitable for 415 +/- 6%, 50Hz +/- 3%
❖ IP 55 enclosure
❖ Dynamically balanced
❖ Rugged construction
❖ Standardization of mounting dimension for interchangeability & ease of maintenance

Range: 0.5 to 30 HP
Frame size: 71 to 180 L
Syn. RPM: 1500
Duty: S1, S2, S3 & S4
Insulation: F, H (Optional)
Protection: IP44, IP54, IP55
Supply Cond.: 415 V±6%, 50Hz±3%
Ambient Temp.: 45°C
Mounting: Foot, Flange & Face
Frame: 71 to 180 L (4 Pole)
> B3 / B35
> B5

Design Features
❖ All motors conform to IS: 325
❖ Complying with all Indian standards, International standards eg. IEC: 34-1, 72-1 & 72-2
❖ British standard BS-3979
❖ All Standard motors have Class 'F' insulation with temperature rise limited to class 'B'
❖ All motors above 1.0HP have a Cast Iron body, fitted with dynamically balanced Aluminum die cast Squirrel Cage rotor.
❖ The terminal box is located on the top as a standard feature but RHS & LHS Terminal box arrangement shall be provided on request.